Alolan Vulpix VStar Art with the caption "Incandescent Arcana"

Fresh from Japan: Incandescent Arcana Announcement

What do you get if you put the most elegant set of Pokemon you can think of, and then beef them up to be super powerful?

Most likely, you'd end up with a set that is filled with killer art and some very powerful moves... much like this newly announced Pokemon set from Japan: Incandescent Arcana.

It will be released officially on September 2, 2022. With new information being released daily, it's hard to pinpoint every detail about the set, but for now, here's what we know about Incandescent Arcana.

***Spoilers below!***

The main star of the show seems to be Alolan Vulpix, acting as mascot, and also as one of the first cards released. It's one of the first time a non-evolved form has been given its own VStar card! (Seriously, check out those colours and design. We're big fan of Galaxy-type colours here at the ol' GTP, so this card is dazzling in the best possible way. :) )

Here's some more of the art from the set so far:

(Note: all images from here on in in the article are courtesy of the Pokemon Company. Don't sue us please!)

Alolan Vulpix VStar card showing an elegant but powerful white vulpix emerging from a galaxy.

And finally some love for our friend Serperior, as a VSTAR:

Serperior VStar card shows a green dragon emerging into a purple whoosh of colour


We've also got some cute cards... like full-art Altaria here in the snuggliest dragon pose you've ever seen (minus Leon's Charizard from the VMax Climax set.) Altaria and the Swablu lineup are also a feature in the upcoming set.


Altaria full art card showing Altaria embracing a green-haired girl.


There's also my wife's favourite so far... Ho-Oh in a blaze of fiery glory...


A fierce Ho-Oh is burning with avengeance in a flurry of colours. Flame are engulfing the card.


And for all you radiant fans, here's a new addition: Radiant Jiraichi:


Radiant Jiraichi card shows cute Jiraichi moving through a sea of blue with sparkles on a silvery-rainbow foil card background


Here's a bit more of the Snivy/Servine/Serperior line featuring a nice full-art as well:

Serperior is striding alongside its trainer at the foot of a mountain. The girl is pushing her bicycle with a joyful expression.


And of course... a new Mewtwo for all you Mewtwo fans out there...
(because Sword & Shield didn't have enough of them, clearly!)


A brand new Japanese Mewtwo card shows Mewtwo mid attack holding a shadow ball, about to release it at some poor sucker

Whatever else happens with this set, we are psyched! It won't be November until the majority of these make it to English release under the Silver Tempest set. So until then, enjoy the Summer and take care!


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