About Us

It all started with 2 Pokémon fans and a dream.

Like all good stories, this one starts many years ago, with 2 Fort McMurray kids (well, not literally kids) who met at a Pokémon Go raid, fought a Mewtwo together, and eventually decided to take the whole "I Choose You!" thing literally. 

Fast-forward several years, and we are a hard-working Fort McMurray family that lives here and enjoys a busy life and sharing our love of Pokémon with others. 


So why all of this?

In the last few years, we had a hard time getting our cards in-stock locally. Call it pandemic-related, or what not, but the supplies always seemed to be low. We found ourselves buying online or trying to scrounge up the remains off the local shelves, only to find that giant retailers (who shall remain nameless) who claimed low prices were actually far from that.

So even though we don't have a physical storefront, it helps keep our costs low and allows us to provide better pricing to you, and to compete with some of the larger online Pokémon card retailers. 

We hope you have a peek through our shop and hopefully find something that delights you. Have a great day. :)