Lost Origin: What We Know So Far

Lost Origin: What We Know So Far

Good morning folks!

It is another lovely summer day and we're happy to share some information relating to the upcoming release of the Lost Origin (English) Pokémon card set coming up later this year.

This is the 11th installment of Sword & Shield and has a tentative release date of September 9, 2022. The set will feature card art previously seen in the Japanese Dark Phantasma and Lost Abyss sets.

From a competitive-standpoint, this set brings back an older mechanic known as the "lost zone" (similar to exiling cards in Magic: the Gathering) which disables cards by removing them from play.

And for those looking for gorgeous cards... here are a sampling of some of the better-known cards from those sets, for those optimists (like us) that are hoping to see these cards sooner than later!

There's a bit of something in this set for everyone. We can't wait. :)

Aerodactyl flying over a tropical island; this is the alternate art version of Aerodactyl V from the Lost Abyss card set.
Image Credit: Reddit User TrainerLounge
Aerodactyl V Alternate Art - from Lost Abyss


Snorlax card art showing Snorlax eating lots of food while Kamado looks on in shock

Image credit: Pokebeach forums
Snorlax from Dark Phantasma Character Gallery


Gengar card art showing Gengar gathering around a campfire. A girl is smoking a pipe nearby.

Image credit: pokebeach forums
Gengar from Dark Phantasma Character Gallery


Giratina card art of Giratina moving through a dark abyss of weird patterns and symbols

Image Credit: pokebeach forums
Giratina V Alternate Art - from Lost Abyss


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