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Articulating Crystal Wing Dragon

Articulating Crystal Wing Dragon

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In a realm known as Crystallora, a unique species of dragons inhabited a mesmerizing Crystal Forest. With colorful crystal wings and bodies adorned in prismatic gem-like scales, they glided gracefully through the iridescent trees.

The Crystal Wing Dragons were known for their enchanting ability to refract light. As they flew, rainbows cascaded in their wake, painting the forest in vibrant colors. They nurtured the Crystal Forest, which shimmered like a jeweled wonderland.

Crystallorans held a deep reverence for these beings, as they believed that the Crystal Dragons held the secrets of their world within their crystalline hearts. The people often ventured into the forest, seeking wisdom and inspiration from the enchanting dragons.


Please note these are 3d Printed dragons and not real animals although the story is cool.

Despite the testing we do to ensure that each print isn't easily broken we do not recommend for small children under the age of five or still have a habit of putting items in their mouth, as 3d printed objects can have small parts break off. These small parts can become choking hazards or sharp objects.

We are a Licensed Cinderwing Seller

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