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Galactic3D PLA - 1.75mm / 1 kg Silk Dual Color (Yellow + Blue)

Galactic3D PLA - 1.75mm / 1 kg Silk Dual Color (Yellow + Blue)

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A lively silk mix of Blue & Yellow to energize your prints!


Experience vivid colours with Galactic3D's Silk Blue & Yellow PLA Filament. Crafted with a filament that gradually changes from shades of blue to spring green hues and yellows, you'll get a wide variety of bright silky hues in your prints.


All spools utilize a plastic spool, are vacuum-sealed by the manufacturer with dessicant and packaged in a box.


Print Recommendation

Nozzle Temperature 190-220 Celcius

Bed Temperature 0-50 Celcius

Print Speed 30-70 mm/s

Chamber Temperature 0-40 Celcius

Cooling Fan 0-100%

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