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One Piece: 500 Years in the Future [Japanese]

One Piece: 500 Years in the Future [Japanese]

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Embark on an adventure with characters from the Egghead Arc in this exciting new release: One Piece Card Game: 500 Years in the Future!

Dive into the world of the Revolutionary Army, Supernovas, and Seven Warlords of the Sea with cards designed to strengthen your favorite characters. Experience the thrill of the Egghead Arc with a plethora of new characters featured in this set. Plus, discover a new deck from existing themes, allowing you to construct powerful Revolutionary Army, Supernovas, and Seven Warlords of the Sea decks! Don't miss your chance to explore the future of One Piece with Set 7. Order now and be prepared to journey 500 years ahead!

  • Total card types: 126 (125 standard types + 1 additional type)
  • Contents per pack: 6 cards
  • Includes parallel cards

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